Top quality hand dryers for commercial bathrooms

Commercial Hand Dryers


From classic to advanced high-speed hand dryers. DAN DRYER's effective and hygienic range is one of the widest on the market, offering models to fit every purpose and in every price category. Combining our hand dryers with the rest of our product assortment; baby changing station, soap & disinfectant dispensers, waste bins, toilet roll holders, miscellaneous products will be a good match in functionality, quality and design of a public or commercial bathroom. 

We have helped customers around the world finding hand dryers that fit their commercial needs for more than 30 years. We have e.g. made great solutions on; French cinema toilets & a customised toilet solution for Paris airport - take a look at our cases and get inspired.

We are proud that the quality, functionality & design of our Björk hand dryers have won the quality stamp of winning the prestigious international design prize Red Dot Design Award; Best Of The Best 2015


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Electric hand drying is effective
and hygienic

    The COVID-19 Pandemic is calling on all of society to scale up hand
    hygiene to stay safe and healthy. Guidance from the WHO states
    that electric hand drying is one of the most effective and safe ways to
    complete the hand washing process.

    Sensor activated hand dryers are highly efficient and combined with
    modern HEPA filter technology they provide a very hygienic choice as
    they prevent the spread of germs and breathable dust.
    Using high speed dryers has much less environmental impact than
    consuming paper towels.

    Many of DAN DRYER’s hand dryers are available with HEPA filter that
    effectively reduces spread of bacteria and particles by 99.97%.
    Improving air quality makes people feel safer.

    How to easy add a HEPA filter


Bathroom Hand Dryers


DAN DRYER hand dryers are developed specifically for use in public toilets, where the toilet equipment must be able to withstand frequent and often heavy-handed use as well as being extremely maintenance-friendly.

We create functional hand dryer solutions with a great design for bathrooms. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hand dryers in Europe. We are specialist in hand dryer solutions to public & commercial toilets. We help you create the perfect bathroom solution with our quality and functional hand dryers on your commercial bathroom.

You are always welcome to contact us for professional advice and guidance in order to find the right hand dryer and hygiene solution that best matches your specific needs.

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