The entire LOKI product line was awarded with a

RED DOT DESIGN AWARD - Product Design 2021

With the LOKI line, the vision has been to create a beautiful and functional design,  which complements the surrounding architecture. To ensure this, the design is characterised 
by clean lines and shapes that harmonise with the surrounding architectural elements such as windows, doors, and wall surfaces.




The new focus on hand hygiene is here to stay, creating a need for hygienic solutions. And with the dramatic increase in use of disinfectant, dispensers do not only need to look good, they need to be sturdy and durable as well.

LOKI dispenser with floor stand has been awarded with




Touch-free hot air hand dryers offer a hygienic, efficient, and sustainable solution for restrooms in public spaces with many daily uses. While sturdiness and functionality are important factors in this, the design is crucial to offering end-users a pleasant experience. The LOKI hand dryer is designed to live up to all of the above.

LOKI hand dryer has been awarded with




The BJÖRK changing table is elegant and meets the highest requirements on the market. It is designed with ergonomics in mind, and provides a safe base for infants and parents.

BJÖRK baby changing table has been awarded with

• German Design Award, 2018
• Red Dot Design Award, best of the best, 2017
• Good Design, 2018




The cylindrical form of the hand dryer BJÖRK presents a design solution beyond the usual. The almost unbroken dome of the body forms an entity with the wall. This also offers functional benefits as the cylinder softens the volume of the flowing air jet.

BJÖRK hand dryer hs been awarded with