Baby changing stations for public restrooms

Public Baby Changing Unit


DAN DRYER is one of Europe's leading suppliers of baby changing solutions to commercial & public restrooms & bathrooms. The baby changing stations is available in several colours such as; RAL Classic colours, white & matt black. If you like your product customised we can do that as well. We have customised a public restroom with the interior being only blue & pink.

We are a total supplier of a large selection of hygiene solutions for commercial and public toilets, such as; hand dryers, baby changing stations, soap & disinfectant dispensers, waste bins, toilet roll holders and miscellaneous products. 

Bathroom Changing Table

The range includes two own-brand high-quality baby change units; the innovative and award-winning BJÖRK baby changing station and the DAN DRYER safety baby changing unit carrying up to 400 kg.

You are always welcome to contact us for professional advice and guidance in order to find the right baby changing station for your commercial or public restrooms and hygiene solution that best matches your specific needs.



Baby changing stations for public & commercial restrooms & bathrooms     Baby changing stations for public & commercial restrooms & bathrooms

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