Three international airports in Paris are welcoming travellers with clean, updated toilet facilities featuring Danish design. DAN DRYER is consultant, product developer and supplier.

  • Customised toilet solution for Paris airports

Project details

Project story

In addition to its status as a design and fashion metropolis, Paris is home to busy airports servicing millions of passengers every single day. But the toilet facilities at Charles de Gaulle, Beauvais-Tille and Orly failed to live up to the image the city wanted - until recently.

"Passengers were tired of the worn-out, old-fashioned toilets, and the company running the airports, Groupe ADP, was looking for something new," says Béatrice Murgia from DAN DRYER's French sales department.

Hands on-consultancy gives results

Groupe ADP had no experience within hygiene, as toilet fittings for their airports had previously been supplied by cleaning contractors. They therefore needed technical consultancy, and reached agreement with DAN DRYER, based in Denmark.

"Our work with Groupe ADP and their architects was hands-on," recalls Béatrice Murgia.

"The airport toilets are very busy, which of course had to be taken into account. What the customer wanted was design and luxury, but the toilets had to not only project good design, they also had to be functional and stand a lot of hard treatment. Our consultants were therefore in close dialogue with their architects on how we could realise their design vision with our products."

Acoustics and user behaviour factored-in

To improve acoustics in the concrete-walled toilets, the choice of hand-dryer fell on a design that allows adjustment of fan speed and noise levels. The dryer was specially-designed with an extended air duct to fit into the mirror cabinet used.

Using data and experience from user behaviour studies, DAN DRYER also developed a stainless steel waste bin with an extra wide opening for easier emptying and cleaning.

A totally new paper roll holder for baby changing tables was designed specifically for the Paris airports that could take different types of paper roll. Groupe ADP felt this was an especially useful idea, as cleaning and replenishing in the three airports is performed by different contractors who do not use the same suppliers.

What Groupe ADP got

Special solutions with more than 6000 Dan Dryer-products for Charles de Gaulle, Beauvais-Tille and Orly ariports

  • Built-in hand-dryers with extended air ducts in stainless steel
  • Mini-waste bins and hygiene boxes in stainless steel with extra wide openings
  • Universal paper roll holders for baby changing tables, also in stainless steel

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