372-AIRTAP wall-mounted hand dryer, touch-less

DAN DRYER AirTap is a powerful hand dryer suitable for high traffic washrooms. With its elegant slim design the hand dryer is the perfect choice for toilet facilities with a build-in cabin solution.

The intelligent temperature control technology detects the room temperature and adjusts the heating element. 

The hand dryer is designed for wall or behind-mirror mounting next to the wash basin. This solution allows hands to be dried without moving from the sink and eliminates water dripping on the floor.  

The satin finished stainless steel surface ensures easy and effective cleaning.  Furthermore the machine requires very low maintenance.

HEPA filter assembly is available to ensure that the air is cleaned efficiently. This unit is installed in front of the air inlet and will lengthen the life cycle of the hand dryer.

Product description

• Wall or behind-mirror mounting.

• Intelligent temperature control technology and automatic heating adjustment.

• Drying cycle of only 10-15 seconds.  

• Powerful commutator motor with carbon brushes.

• Stainless steel with satin finish.

• Infra-red sensor and electronic timer.

• 2-year warranty.


Product number: 372 / EAN no. 5-709818-003726
Technical data:

Touch-free hand dryer in stainless steel with satin finish for wall or behind-mirror mounting. Infra-red sensor and electronic timer, drying cycle: 10-15 sec. IP35, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1000 W, Class I (earthed). 68.5-70.5 dBA. 

Dimensions H: 50 mm, W: 50 mm, D: 220 mm
Weight: 5.85 kg
Colour: Stainless steel with satin finish
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