When cinemagoers at one of the biggest cinema chains in Europe go to the toilet before the film, they are met by the little Viking logo of Dan Dryers. A single-theme toilet solution ensures a uniform look throughout the chain's 72 cinemas

  • Danish Viking on French cinema toilets

Project details

Project story

Gaumont Pathé is one of the biggest cinema chains in Europe, with 72 cinemas in France, Switzerland and Holland, selling nearly 67 million tickets a year. The chain started a comprehensive programme of renovation in 2014, and DAN DRYER took on a leading role in developing their brand-new toilets.

"We were contacted by one of the chain's Project Coordinators. Gaumont Pathé wanted to invest in a themed toilet design that cinemagoers would be able to recognise, and we agreed on a total solution for all their 72 cinemas," says Béatrice Murgia from DAN DRYER's French sales department.

Consultancy is a good investment

"In common with other venues open to the public, cinema toilets have to be able to cope with heavy use, so our job consisted of consultancy on functional solutions that could fit in to the architect's overall concept. Some design ideas may look great on paper, but can give problems in practice," says Murgia.

"From an architectural perspective, important technical details are easy to overlook. For example, a powerful hand-dryer needs plenty of room for free air circulation to be able to work properly, which can cost time and money to modify a built-in design later in the process. That always makes technical consultancy a good investment."

Stainless steel was the solution

"Gaumont Pathé has different-sized cinemas, which gave us problems in terms of the interior design and intensity of use for the toilets. Our Stainless Design range was the natural solution, as it includes products for all toilet sizes, e.g. hand-dryers, toilet roll holders and waste bins of various sizes," explains Murgia.

"By using a single, consistent product range in all their cinemas, we created a uniform total solution, that aesthetically fitted well into the toilet design they wanted."

What Gaumont Pathé got

A total solution with more than 1800 products from the STAINLESS DESIGN range in all 72 cinemas

Contact DAN DRYER on tel. no. +45 86 41 57 11 for more details on a total solution.

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