Recirculation heaters

For installation in passenger areas on board rolling stock, DAN DRYER will assist in developing the right solution for forced ventilation comfort heating.
We have extensive know-how, expertise and experience in providing customised solutions. A prime example that we develop products in close cooperation with customers is that we were asked to develop recirculation heaters for the Swiss manufacturer or railway carriages, Stadler Altenrhein AG.
The objective of the development project was to retain heat inside regional trains, which are in service between Bern and Solothurn in Switzerland. During the cold winter months, standard heaters cannot keep the temperature from dropping during passenger boarding and alighting.
This challenge was to be solved through custom-designed recirculation heaters; and as no standard solution was available, and as there was only limited space available in railway carriages, an innovative approach was called for.
DAN DRYER was already an esteemed supplier to the Stadler Rail Group and Stadler Pankow in Germany recommended us to their Swiss colleagues.

RequRecirculation air heating for Stdler Altenrheinirements: 

● Compact size for fitting inside door columns
● 1000 W heating
● External monitoring from driver cabin

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