3265-paper towels (9-pack)

Multifold paper towels to fit BJÖRK paper dispensers – providing a clean and hygienic place for nappy change and for the LOKI paper towel dispensers.

Premium soft 3-ply tissues for ultimate function and user satisfaction. Dispensing one towel at a time helps to control towel consumption. An economic and hygienic solution. 

Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label and the EU Flower Eco Label.

Product description

• Practical and hygienic solution 

• For optimum comfort  

• Fiting BJÖRK and LOKI paper towel dispensers

• Sold in boxes of 9 packs


Product number: 3265 / EAN no. 5-709818-032658
Technical data:
3-ply, white, 20.3x8.5 cm, 9 packs/30 sheets each pack
Dimensions Box of 9 packs: L: 26.5 x H: 13.5 x D: 22.5 cm
Weight: 1 kg
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