28055-Liquid sanitiser bag-in-box (8 pcs.)

Hygienic bag in box system for DAN DRYER's touch-free disinfection dispensers BJÖRK and Stainless Design.

For use in medical facilities, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and restaurants to reduce the spread of infections.

Our hand sanitising gel meets the qualification criteria of the EN1500 Certificate, which proves the effect against bacteria.

Packed 8 pcs. per carton, sold in carton lots only.

Product description

• Certified hand sanitiser gel. pH-value 7.5.

• Apply to clean and dry hands.

• Fits our touch-free disinfectant dispensers, item no. 282 + BJÖRK.

• The container cannot be refilled and must be disposed of after use.

• Keep at temperature not exceeding 25°C.

• Shelf life: 36 months after opening.


Product number: 28055 / EAN no. 5-709818-280554
Technical data: 0,6 l liquid sanitiser. 600 g = approx. 600 doses.
Dimensions H: 220 mm incl. tube, W: 90 mm, D: 90 mm
Weight: 0.65 kg
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