Interior design specifications of the Taka Paka family activity centre in the Romanian city of Braso called for high quality products for its toilets that also had to be simple and easy to operate for children.

  • Taka Paka
  • Taka Paka

Project details

  • Client: Taka Paka Family entertainment Center
  • Date: Monday, June 15, 2015

Project story

“DAN DRYER quickly proved to be the best choice, as they could offer us a complete range of toilet equipment for the boys' and girls' toilets, and were also extremely flexible in terms of accommodating all the things we wanted.

Another argument for choosing DAN DRYER was the option of being able to choose products in special colours, which has been able to make our toilet fittings even more attractive for our little guests.

We have even found that some kids are so delighted with the colourful fittings, that they go to the toilet more often - completely of their own volition - to wash their hands ...”

Krisztina Voina, Sales Manager, Taka Paka Family Entertainment Center

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