At DAN DRYER, we care about acting responsibly and we see it as our duty to take an active interest in the community and the environment around us – both locally and internationally. We will always – as a minimum - comply with the legislation applying for DAN DRYER A/S. We have selected the three goals below as key areas to focus on: 


– clean water and sanitation

We contribute to UN's world goal # 6 when we support and sponsor Randers Rainforest. We help acquire, preserve and restore forests and ecosystems. We do this to ensure the biodiversity as well as the quality and sustainability of water resources. This is  crucial in order to ensure clean water, which is the source of all life on earth.



– decent jobs and economic growth

We contribute to UN's world goal # 8 when we place clear demands on suppliers and distributors. We do not tolerate economic growth achieved at the expense of e.g. child labour, underpayment or poor working conditions. Worldwide, we secure jobs in administration, production and sales.



– responsible consumption and production

We contribute to UN's World Goal # 12 when we ensure minimum 95% of DAN DRYER's products are recycled. All returned, defective DAN DRYER products are dismantled and sorted for recycling. To reduce our environmental impact and to minimise waste we strive at producing high-quality products of long lifespan. The expected lifespan can often be extended further with spare parts, just as refillable soap and disinfection dispensers are a sustainable solution. 


Other environmental measures
In addition, we seek to bring our carbon footprint down to size by the following strategies:

• Correct waste sorting
• Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes 
• Minimising our energy consumption in administration and production
• Membership of ELRETUR (WEEE DK)

As a Danish registered company, we comply with the Environmental Protection Act, which is among the toughest in the world. Denmark and Danish companies rank high in terms of social and environmental responsibility and are among the international frontrunners when it comes to responsible growth. We encourage our suppliers to adhere to the same principles as we do in order to achieve a consistent, responsible delivery of products and services, and we also motivate our employees to observe the guidelines of the company’s environmental policy.