2023 was only a few days old when great news arrived at DAN DRYER HQ. 

On Friday January 6 the traditional New Year's reception for business in Randers was held. Here, DAN DRYER was awarded Randers Municipality's Business Award.

It was a proud managing director who received the great recognition.

"Thank you so much for the award. Vagn and I are immensely proud to be at the head of DAN DRYER – and it is a great honor to be recognized for our work, when we look at how many great companies there are in Randers", Susanne Eden says and continues:

Our goal is to constantly push boundaries within our field and preferably be instrumental in putting Randers on the world map. A strategy which has resulted in our elegant hygiene solutions that have resonated far beyond Randers — and which we deliver to customers all over the world every day.

At DAN DRYER, we care about acting responsibly and we see it as our duty to take an active interest in the community and the environment around us. Both internationally and locally.

With a focus on selected SDGs, we are constantly working on the development of our products and on creating a diverse working environment, where there is also room for people trying to get back to
work", she concludes.

The business award is given to a local company that has made an extraordinarily positive impact. Randers Municipality looks at the company's growth, profits, turnover and employment. At the same time, they look at the company's ability to market itself and be visible. It is important that the company takes co-responsibility for our joint development and is open to helping people trying to get back to work.