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On the north-western coastline of Denmark by the North Sea is an area called Thy. Thy is the epitome of west coast with windswept hair, high waves and raw nature. In the urban surroundings near the city of Nr. Vorupør you will find Denmark’s first national park center – Thy National Park. The newly built center will serve as an information house where visitors can learn more about the nature and cultural heritage of the area, get tips for fun activities and find information material and guides. 

Thy National Park is carefully built into an existing dune and naturally becomes one with the surrounding raw nature. The center is ready to send you off on world-class nature experiences.



Thy National Park is open for visitors all year. In addition, it also serves as administration facilities for the park’s secretariat and board of directors. 

The center contains public unisex toilet facilities which are also open 24/7 all year. For that specific reason it was very important to Esben Colding Broe, Project Manager at Thy National Park, that the toilet facilities and the associated sanitary solutions were of high quality, in order to match the expected frequency use.

Thy National Park is placed in Denmark’s greatest wilderness which is reflected in the toilet facilities featuring sand-coloured concrete on the floor and walls combined with black doors and lamps.

”We wanted to keep the nature-like look but
with the black colour as a strong contrast.
The black BJÖRK products installed in each toilet complement the sand-coloured concrete perfectly, and create the desired look and feel throughout the entire center”, he says.


"To be honest I cannot take credit for choosing BJÖRK", Esben smiles and continues: "BJÖRK was recommended by the architects who designed the centre. The first-time investment is higher than we actually budgeted for – but we trust quality will pay off in the long run. The products are sustainable, robust, and of high quality - a perfect match to the new centre”, he concludes.

Thy National Park was inaugurated in mid-June 2021 and is ready to welcome visitors.


Thy National Park got: 

• 4 x BJÖRK hand dryer, black
• 5 x BJÖRK disinfection dispenser, black
• 1 x BJÖRK baby changing table, black
• 10 x BJÖRK sanitary bin, black
• 2 x BJÖRK waste bin, black
• 10 x BJÖRK toilet roll holders, black

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