Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organisation, Hannover-based iF international Forum Design GmbH, organises the iF DESIGN Award. After qualifying for the final, DAN DRYER's LOKI touch-free dispenser and floor stand went all the way and won iF DESIGN AWARD 2021, Discipline Product.

The competition was intense – almost 10.000 entries were submitted from 52 countries in hope of receiving the wanted seal of quality. The touch-free dispenser with floor stand won over the 98-member jury made up of independent experts from all over the world with its elegant design and high functionality.

The LOKI floor-standing hand sanitiser dispenser is part of a brand new product family by DAN DRYER. LOKI products are easily recognisable by their smooth, solid front “shield” that has two main characteristics:

  • It is sturdy and easy to clean, and its basic rectangular shape complements other interior design and architectural elements such as tiles, mirrors, doors, and much more. 
  • Its elongated shape and LED light stripe are hallmarks of the LOKI family, making them instantly recognisable and creating a uniform look when used together.

LOKI is designed by VE2.

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