Beautiful and functional design that complements the surrounding architecture. This is how the new product line LOKI is described. And now the entire product line has been awarded with a RED DOT DESIGN AWARD – Product Design 2021.

The elegant and functional design is characterised by straight lines and rectangular shapes, which complement surrounding architectural elements such as doors, windows, and tile. It ties together the line and ensures harmony and unity across all elements in a complete washroom solution when multiple LOKI products are installed side by side.

Managing Director of DAN DRYER, Susanne Eden was very excited to receive the news of this RED DOT DESIGN award. “We are so proud that the entire product line of LOKI has won a RED DOT DESIGN AWARD”, she says and continues: “Individual LOKI products have already won other design awards. But it’s the first time for us that an entire product line is awarded. We are happy and satisfied that our hard work has paid off".

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