To support and further strengthen the electric hand dryer industry DAN DRYER is once again a member of EHA. 

DAN DRYER was one of the very first hand dryer manufacturers on the market, and has gone on to establish a leading position as supplier of toilet equipment. "The Viking logo is easily recognisable in public toilets all over the world”, says Product Manager from DAN DRYER, Vagn Eden. He continues: “We`re proud of the fact, that we belonged to the founding members of eHA four years ago. I hope we can easily tie up again.”

Statement from Udo Sonnenberg, Managing Director of eHA:
“We are happy to re-welcome DAN DRYER on board. It’s important the electric hand drying industry stands together and helps to educate the public and commercial industries on the truth when it comes to hand drying. We have built a web-site which breaks down fact from fiction. I am optimistic that, with sources of information such as this and the combined effort of the eHA, that electric hand drying in the long run will become the leading, sustainable hand drying system.”

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