At the football stadium and conference centre Cepheus Park in Randers, Denmark, visitors are encouraged to disinfect their hands with a creative spin on a disinfectant dispenser.

  • Spread smiles, not germs

Project details

Project story

The challenge
Reopening a football stadium and conference centre during a global pandemic is no simple task. It comes with a ton of responsibilities and no instruction manual.

At the newly reopened Cepheus Park in Randers, Denmark, enforcing good hand hygiene among visitors is crucial to preventing the spread of disease and thereby to preventing another costly shutdown. But can this change in behaviour among visitors be encouraged with creativity and humour rather than enforced with instructions and commands?

That was the question Morten Hørby Andersen, Head of Sales and Marketing with Randers FC, was looking to answer when he came to DAN DRYER to explore the possibilities for customised disinfectant dispensers.

Before the coronavirus, Cepheus Park already had disinfectant dispensers available, but their use was optional, and their looks were quite anonymous making them easy to miss. With the current situation, Cepheus Park wants to do everything in their power to encourage visitors to use disinfectant, but while hand hygiene is of the utmost importance, so is the customer experience, and to Morten Hørby Andersen, it is crucial that the dispensers contribute to this – not interfere with it, which is why he was searching for dispensers that would compel visitors to use them with an elegant look and a creative touch.

‘We could probably get the message across with a bunch of instructions on big posters, but we would rather do it with creativity and by offering something visitors will find attractive,’ Morten Hørby Andersen explains.

The solution
Cepheus Park found the perfect combination of functionality and elegance in the BJÖRK dispensers from DAN DRYER, which can accommodate their needs in terms of both looks and durability.

‘We needed dispensers with a certain capacity as we usually host a significant number of guests in a single day. And while we were at it, we might as well go for something elegant, exclusive-looking and in line with our visual identity. The customised BJÖRK dispensers fit all of the above,’ Morten Hørby Andersen explains.

Several of the dispensers were mounted on floor stands, which can easily be moved around the premises depending on the specific needs for specific events.

To create the visual attraction that Cepheus Park wanted in order to make the dispensers more noticeable, dispensers and floor stands were wrapped in foil with custom graphics. While DAN DRYER products come in a variety of colours, the foil-wrapping technique offers a whole new world of possibilities for customisation.

As base colours for the dispensers and stands, Cepheus Park decided to go with two different options from their company colour scheme: Black for products for their conference centre and a dark blue for products to be used at the football stadium.

In terms of graphics, they chose to have the Randers FC logo and name displayed on the dispensers and the phrase “Have a clean day” on the stands – a message Morten Hørby Andersen says is in line with their tone of voice, and that he hopes will bring a smile to visitors’ faces.

The almost endless possibilities enabled by the foil-wrapping technique became a selling point to Cepheus Park who were on the lookout for something ‘different’ and ‘noticeable’. And the possibilities really are almost endless, according to Susanne Eden, CEO of DAN DRYER:

‘You can have your face put on there if that is what you want. The sky is the limit with this new offering of ours.’

The outcome
The dispensers have now been in use for a few weeks, and so far, they seem to have exactly the effect that Morten Hørby Andersen and his team were hoping for:

‘Most importantly, people are using them. And often I hear someone comment on the phrase “Have a clean day”. They think it is clever, and it seems to have the uplifting effect, we were hoping for.’

In addition to ensuring good hand hygiene at Cepheus Park, the customised BJÖRK dispensers from DAN DRYER have become a conversation piece and something that can spark a smile in a challenging time.

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