Customised dispensers make hand hygiene an integrated part of the experience in Hummel Kids.

  • Hand hygiene in retail is here to stay

Project details

Project story

Thanks to customised Elegance disinfectant dispensers from DAN DRYER, hand hygiene among staff and customers is now one less thing to worry about for Hummel Kids.​

The challenge
The corona virus pandemic has brought with it an increased focus on hand hygiene and thereby a demand for hygienic solutions in places such as retail stores, where multiple people inevitably touch the same surfaces within a short amount of time.

At Hummel Kids, they believe that the increased focus on hand hygiene is here to stay and so are their new installations of disinfectant dispensers. So, when Hummel Kids went looking for dispensers for their new store in Aarhus, Denmark, they had several demands for their new permanent solution:

The products had to be able to be seamlessly integrated into the store interior, they had to be sturdy to handle the many uses within a day in a busy store, and they had to be low-maintenance to allow staff to give their undivided attention to what is most important in any retail store – customers. And, because Hummel Kids needed a significant number of dispensers, value for money was an important factor as well.

The solution

To handle the high use frequency, Hummel Kids chose DAN DRYER as their supplier of disinfectant dispensers due to the functionality and durability that DAN DRYER products are known for.

Since the Elegance dispensers are not by default available in the matt black colour that characterises the interior of the Hummel Kids stores, the dispensers were painted to fit seamlessly into their surroundings. All dispensers were fitted with drip trays below and refillable containers for disinfectant inside.

The outcome

When Hummel Kids opened the doors to their new store in Aarhus, Denmark on August 28, 2020, the customised Elegance dispensers were ready to make hand hygiene an integrated part of the customers’ visit.

The refillable containers allow staff to fill the dispensers at their convenience as part of routine maintenance rather than having to keep a close eye on disinfectant levels in order to switch out disposable bags when empty.

The seamless integration made possible by the custom colour ensures that the dispensers blend into their surroundings, and placed at a height where children can reach them, the Elegance dispensers from DAN DRYER will from now on be enabling good hand hygiene for customers of all ages in all new Hummel Kids stores.

What Hummel Kids got:

  • Elegance dispensers
  • Stands
  • Drip trays
  • Soap dispenser for the store restroom

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