Eurostar, the high-speed rail link between the UK and mainland Europe upgraded the toilets on the e320 fleet with customised hand dryers from DAN DRYER.

  • Customised built-in hand dryers for Eurostar

Project details

Project story


We have been pleased to be working with Eurostar International, the high-speed train company linking London, Paris, Brussel and Amsterdam and we have manufactured for them a bespoke built in hand dryers to be used on their Velaro e320 fleet. Our hand dryers are powerful, effective and offer instant warm air to dry customer hands. We built prototypes and through continuous feedback and team work managed to build a hand dryer that met Eurostar’s exact demands. It has been a very exciting project and great pleasure working with Eurostar.


How it all began

Back in 2018 we received a contact request through the web portal railway-news. The request came from Eurostar and basically, they wished to speak to someone with regards to hand dryers, and please could somebody from DAN DRYER give them a call.

Upgrading the train toilets to a higher standard

The reason why Eurostar contacted us was that they wanted to upgrade the train toilets on their e320 fleet. The hand dryers they had installed on the vehicles at the time were not up to the standards their customers were looking for. They were very slow, which often resulted in passengers becoming impatient and drying hands with toilet paper instead because it was simply quicker. The vast amount of paper ended in the train toilets and caused toilet paper clogging. Consequently, train carriages had to be detached to unclog the toilets, which was a major issue!

Eurostar was looking for a high-performing, durable hand dryer. DAN DRYER was contacted, and we designed and delivered exactly the solution they were looking for. From December 2019 to the end of February 2020 we have delivered 379 “EUROSTAR” built-in hand dryers for installation on-board their e320 fleet.

What Eurostar got:

A solution of 379 specially-constructed build-in hand dryers.

  • Fulfilling European standards, including EN 45545

Contact  DAN DRYER on tel. no. +45 86 41 57 11 for more details on hygiene solutions for the railway industry.​

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