Mr. Niels Saaby Jørgensen who founded DAN DRYER A/S more than 30 years ago has transferred his company and from now on Susanne and Vagn Eden will take the full responsibility for management of DAN DRYER.

The acquisition of DAN DRYER A/S is a dream come true for Susanne and Vagn. They are looking forward to taking over the management of the company and emphasize that the change in ownership has no effect on the daily operating activities of the corporation.

Nye ejere hos DAN DRYER, Susanne og Vagn Eden

Partners privately and professionally

The two new directors form a dynamic and successful partnership in business and in private. They have complementary skills and they agree on how they want to run the business. Quality is the Top 1 core value for DAN DRYER and has been ever since the company was founded in the early eighties.

Since then, the company has developed the Stainless Design line, customised DAN DRYER Railway hygiene equipment and created the award-winning BJÖRK collection.

There are no plans to move the company's location. DAN DRYER will stay in Randers, which is also the town the owners live in.

There is no doubt, however, that they will continue to focus on product development and they may even have sketched a few new design ideas.