Large selection of commercial soap dispensers

Public soap dispensers


DAN DRYER offers a large selection of soap dispensers. The soap dispensers are available in different price ranges, sizes and various designs matching our other products for furnishing of toilets.

We believe that it should be possible to get soap dispensers that match your specific requirements and therefore can you get the soap dispenser in the following colours; white, matt black, RAL Classic colours & stainless. If you like, we can customise the colour to your specific soap dispensers - we did that for an activity centre that wanted their toilets to call for high quality but still be simple to use for kids and therefore the customised colours. 

wall mounted & automatic soap dispensers for commercial and industrial bathrooms & restrooms

Bathroom soap dispensers


Combine Dan Dryer soap dispensers with matching baby changing stationswaste/sanitary binshand dryers and toilet paper dispensers for a uniform and harmonious decor.

We are specialists in soap dispensers to commercial, industrial & public restrooms and bathrooms. With more than 30 years of experience we can help you to find the soap dispenser that you need. 

You are always welcome to contact us for professional advice and guidance in order to find the right soap dispenser for your commercial or industrial use. 

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