4000-LOKI Hand Dryer, stainless steel


With the LOKI line our vision has been to create a series of elegant and functional products, which complement the surrounding architecture.

The LOKI hand dryer is a high-speed machine in sleek design. It is characterised by clean lines and a robust front plate with a high narrow light guide. The visually clean-cut, slightly overhanging front panel makes the device look like it is floating, which further enhances the elegance of the design.

In addition, it adheres to ADA requirements and is thus easily accessed by anyone, including wheelchair users and children.

Like the other products in the LOKI line, the hand dryer is available in stainless steel, brushed (as shown) or powder coated in white, black and all RAL Classic colours.

The LOKI hand dryer can be equipped with a HEPA filter in front of the air inlet to purify the air effectively as well as lengthen the life cycle of the hand dryer.

The entire LOKI family was awarded winner of the widely recognized Red Dot Design Award 2021. In addition LOKI hand dryer has won 4 other design awards.
German Design Award, 2021, winner in the category “Excellent Product Design - Bath and Wellness”.
German Innovation Award, 2021, winner in the category “Excellence in Business to Business / Building & Elements”.
German Brand Award, 2021, Special Mention in the category “Excellent Brands - Heating & Bathroom”.

Product description

Design, functionality and quality go hand in hand

DAN DRYER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment for washrooms and our products with the familiar viking logo can be found in commercial washrooms across the world.

The LOKI line continues the tradition of high-quality design established in DAN DRYER in recent years. Its elegant and functional design is characterised by straight lines and rectangular shapes, which complement surrounding architectural elements such as doors, windows, and tiles.


• Drying cycle of 10-15 seconds

• LED light indicates when the machine is in use 

• Adjustable sensor range and motor speed

• Also available in powder coated stainless steel, matt black, white and custom RAL colours

• 5-year warranty


Product number: 4000 / EAN no. 5-709818-040004
Technical data: Touch free hand dryer in brushed stainless steel. Infra-red sensor and electronic timer, drying cycle: 10-15 sec. IP24, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 840-1000 W, Class I (earthed), 69-76.6 dB @ 1 m dBA
Dimensions H: 300 mm, W: 173 mm, D: 102 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Colour: Stainless steel, brushed
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