Award winning product-line from Björk

Award winner 


Björk won the reddot award both in 2015 & 2017 with products from the Björk product line  Björk Baby Changing Station won the Chicago Good Design in 2018

Björk is Dan Dryer's new product line that has won the Red Dot design award in both 2015 & 2017 with respectively the Björk hand dryers that is available in white, matte black & RAL colours and Björk baby changing tables that are available in; white, matte black & RAL colours as well. The product line does also consist of soap dispensers in the same colours; white, matte black & RAL colours

Björk, a true breakthrough in commercial bathroom products. Björk, already awarded internationally offers a brand-new perception for contemporary bathroom accessories. 

The björk hand dryers and soap dispensers are available with 6 different top plates. 

The elegant choice 

Elegance and customisation are now made available for commercial baby changing tables that correspond to new demand trends. The wall mounted baby changing unit provides safety, security and ease-of-use with a sleek finish to be the ultimate baby changing station. 

The ergonomic design of our folding baby changing table allows for quick and easy changes, allowing families to freely carry on their day.

Our Björk hand dryers are designed to be similar to a standard wall mounted hand dryer however, our design offers a drying cycle of only 10 seconds. With the additions of motor speed and heat sensor settings, the Björk hand dryer is all that is required for any commercial bathroom.

The Björk Soap dispensers are featuring modern and Scandinavian design. The Soap dispensers have an intelligent sensor that automatically sets the best sensor range, has LED lights that indicate when the dispenser is in use and the dosage is released when the hand is app. 5 cm underneath the dosage nozzle.

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