610-3-speed hair dryer


A very durable all-round automatic hair dryer, ideal as a hotel style hair dryer, for commercial bathrooms and locker rooms. The hair dryer is also available with shaver plug, product code 612.

The hair dryer is robust and easy to clean which makes it a good choice when you are looking for a wall mounted hair dryer. As a part of our industrial bathroom accessories line, our hotel hair dryers are quiet and heavy wearing to ensure guests are satisfied whilst keeping maintenance at a minimum.

The  hair dryer is double insulated and equipped with a strong, flexible hose with air outlet handle. All electrical parts are well protected in the wall-mounted base of the dryer.

The dryer starts automatically when the handle is removed from the base - and stops automatically again when the handle is replaced on the blow dryer holder. As the blow dryer has a handle when in use, it becomes a lightweight hair dryer as the tube and handle are extremely light. This maintains accessibility for all users who might not be able to hold a normal hair dryer. 

The heating element is equipped with both a thermostat and thermal cut-out.

Output: manually adjustable between three settings: 600-1100 W

Product description

BENEFITS - the 3-speed HAIR DRYER 

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Simple stop/start function as the wall hair dryer is mounted

  • Automatic thermal cut-out for health and safety

  • Fully flexible, durable hose to maintain airflow 

  • Double insulation to be safe in the bathroom

wall-mounted HAIR DRYER without shaver plug

DAN DRYER provides hotel bathroom accessories, we provide high quality solutions for commercial bathrooms and any public restroom, from hotels to restaurants. It is important to consider a high quality blow dryer when you are building a commercial bathroom, this is to ensure health and safety as well as customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide solutions for commercial bathrooms, we develop our quiet hair dryers with market needs in mind. This method allows us to establish a much more communicative relationship with our clients, DAN DRYER is not a general bathroom hair dryer manufacturer. We consult with our clients to provide detailed advice for any development project involving our products, to ensure you are getting the best highest level of service.

Leading manufacturer of hygiene solutions

DAN DRYER is a world-leading manufacturer of hygiene solutions, and we help companies designing their commercial & public bathroom. 

We have what you need for your next commercial bathroom solution e.g. hand dryers, waste bins, soap & disinfectant dispensers, baby changing tables, toilet roll holders and accessories


Product number: 610 / EAN nr. 5-709818-006109
Technical data: 230 V, 50 Hz, 600-1100 W, IP20, Class II (double insulated), 3-speed settings.
Dimensions H: 580 mm, W: 180 mm, D: 120 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg
Colour: White
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