50560 - holder incl. carbon particle filter for TURBO hand dryers 244,246,247


Holder incl. carbon particle filter for DAN DRYER TURBO hand dryers, model 244 + the discontinued models 246 & 247, which have been replaced by the upgraded versions 346 & 347.

The TURBO hand dryers can be equipped with a carbon particle filter. The filter attracts and trap airborne impurities, meaning that the air flowing onto users' hands remain clean, and moreover it lengthens the life cycle of the hand dryer.

The holder with filter is installed in front of the air inlet by means of two screws.

You should replace the filter every 3-6 month depending on usage and the sorrounding environment. The filter is easy to replace and ensures the air is cleaned efficiently.

Product description


Product number: 50560 / EAN no. 5-709818-505602
Weight: 0.599 kg
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